Iranian Cultural School

To Enrol

“The IRCSchool accepts students from the Prep level up to Year 12 and VCE (the main senior secondary certificate in Victoria). The School also provides adult classes for English speaking individuals.”

Enrollment Condition

  • Iranian Cultural School welcomes all the students who are interested in learning Farsi, regardless of their age, religion or race.
  • All students who are interested to enrol at Iranian Cultural School, must be able to speak and understand FARSI.
  • The students who are enrolled in the grade 1 in their own school will start in the prep level at the Iranian Cultural School.
  • Prep students will be enrolled in grade 1 the following year if they are ready.
  • The students who are enrolled in the grade 2 or higher in their own school can directly register in grade 1 if their Farsi knowledge is sufficient.
  • The students who previously read and/or write in Farsi to some extent are initially tested. Based on their examined level of their proficiency in the language, they will be then enrolled in an appropriate grade.
  • The students who are interested in VCE classes – Units 1 and 2 – must be currently enrolled in grades 10 or 11 in their own school. Those who are interested in VCE classes – Units 3 and 4 – must be currently enrolled in grades 11 or 12 in their own school.
  • In order to be registered in a VCE class, the student should have attended Farsi classes for a period of 7 consecutive years.
  • The students who have gained a good level of proficiency in Farsi and satisfy the above mentioned conditions will be tested and if passed, they can directly register in Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 of VCE classes.
  • Students with very high level of Farsi, can start units 3 and 4 without the need of units 1 and 2 as long as they are in grade 11 or 12 of their school and within one year, they will finish and receive their VCE certificate in Farsi language.

New Students

  • All students need to go through an Initial Interview and based on their Persian comprehension and literacy skills will be recommended for enrolment at the appropriate grade of IRCSchool.
  • Depending on their Persian language skills, students will normally be enrolled at the IRCSchool at least one grade lower that their Australian mainstream school
  • All new students must be interviewed first, accepted and finally fill the enrolment form.

Current Students


  • Current students if passed their grade, will automatically move to a higher grade without the need of an interview.
  • Current students need to fill a shorter version form in order to be allowed to attend their class in the following year.

Annual Enrolment Costs

Tuition fees:

Tuitation fees will change for next year. Please check again at the beginning of next year for new fees

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents 

  • $250 for the first child, 
  • $150 for the second child and $100 for the third child and above

Note: Victorian Government contributes $200 per child for Australian citizens and permanent residents

Non-Australian Citizens or Non-Permanent Residents

  • $450 for the first child, 
  • $300 for the second child and $200 for the third child and above

Text Books:

  • $40 for all grades from Prep to year 7
  • Grades one and two will use the same textbook across both grades

Other Costs: